Kirby & Kraut

Kirby & Kraut makes kitchen tools for home fermentation and preservation. Our website is dedicated to providing recipes and resources for food enthusiasts interested in preparing pickles, preserves and fermented foods at home.

Our business is based in Sunnyside, Queens NY and all our products are made in America.

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Who are you?

We’re Eric and Nicole. Eric loves to cook and Nicole loves pickles.

When did you begin fermenting at home?

We began making sauerkraut in August of 2011, after Eric traveled with his sister and her family to visit their sister-in-law’s small, bio-dynamic dairy farm in northern California. One afternoon in the hammock, Eric perused a well-worn copy of Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation that’d caught his eye on the kitchen bookshelf, and a seed was planted. Back home in Queens, NY, we made our first batch of sauerkraut in an old glass jar on our kitchen counter. We waited a week or two, and with some trepidation, took our first bites. Nicole turned to Eric and said: “The next batch needs to be bigger.”

How did Kirby & Kraut begin?

Kirby & Kraut was started to create kitchen tools that we wanted to use in our own kitchen. Along the way (which took a bit longer than we expected) we began to see our website as a place to share the recipes and experiences of our own home fermentation and pickling adventure.

Where does the name come from?

During a long drive back from Ohio to New York. Kirby is the name of a popular variety of pickling cucumber and Kraut is just short for sauerkraut.

Do you grow your own pickles and cabbage?

We tried, and we failed. But it was our first season with a plot in our community garden, and we’re ready to try again next year. We got cucumber beetles on the plants, but identified them too late and they ruined all 10 plants in a matter of days. As for cabbages, we planted a row of late season varieties in summer,  but maybe just a bit too late in the summer, so we’ll see, we might still get a bit of cabbage.

Do I need a big kitchen to ferment in Kirby & Kraut crocks?

No. Our kitchen is just over 100 square feet – not bad for Sunnyside Queens, but by no means regal and we have four crocks on bakers rack in the corner of our kitchen.

Does fermenting food smell?

This is a complicated answer to a frequent question. Yes, there’s a smell, and it’s earthly and organic, but we don’t think it’s a bad smell. Our fitted cloth tops do a better job of keeping the smells in than a towel draped over the crock.

Who made your website?

Eric. He’s a web developer by trade. When time allows, he plans to write a few blog posts about the process.