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The Mind of a Chef: Preserve  December 2


In the episode Preserve from the PBS series The Mind of a Chef, chef Sean Brock explores preservation techniques like drying, salt curing, canning, and fermentation. There’s also a segment with Harold McGee talking about the science behind fermentation.

I like the phrase “eating from the basement”

Sean often describes how his family ate growing up this way: “If we were eating, we were eating food from the garden or the basement — it’s a way of life.” In this episode, Sean shows us what it means to be eating from the basement by exploring the preservation techniques that are critical components of southern culture: drying, salt curing, canning and fermentation.

My grandfather used to tell me stories about “three big urns, full of pickles, tomatoes and eggplant” that his mother kept in their basement and fed them through the winter. Makes me wish I had a basement.

The link to PBS video stream expires on 12/7/13, but I found a copy of the episode on, or you can pickup the DVD of season 2 from Amazon.

Update: The series is also available on Amazon Prime.


Posted by Eric on December 2, 2013