Pickle Log: Head-to-head pickle test, Day 9  February 21

Pickles on a kitchen counter

It’s been 9 days, and Nicole and I tasted the pickles this morning. Both were good, but at this point, the ones in the jar are so much more sour and spicier, most likely from the greater cucumber-to-brine ratio in the jar (see day 7),  it’s clear I need to re-run the test, as I don’t think I learned much about the effect of the airlock on the pickles. (more…)

Posted by Eric on February 21, 2014

Pickle Log: Head-to-head pickle test, Day 7  February 19

Tasting the pickles on day 5, the brine in the jar was surprisingly more sour than the brine in the crock. In the spirit of the test, I took all the pickles out of both containers and laid them on the counter to take a look, where two things immediately struck me: 1) The pickles in the jar had tuned more of an olive green, indicating that there’re further along, and 2) that there’s much more brine in the crock than the jar – almost three times as much. (more…)

Posted by Eric on February 19, 2014

Kitchen Witch: New Orleans  February 17


Every time Eric and I have the opportunity to travel I do a lot of reading and research to scout out authentic places to eat, drink, shop and explore. On our last trip to New Orleans we sought out Kitchen Witch, a bookstore specializing in rare, vintage and new cookbooks owned by Philipe LaMancusa and Debbie Lindsey. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on February 17, 2014