Pickle Log: Head to head fermented pickle test – priming the brine  September 18

Making pickles

I’ve often wondered about adding brine from a previous batch of pickles to a new batch to “jump start” the fermentation process. I know you don’t need to do this, and a simple salt water brine has worked for us many times. I’ve even read how it could even be less than ideal for sauerkraut because there’s a succession of microbes that thrive and fade over the course of the fermentation, each providing their own flavors. (more…)

Posted by Eric on September 18, 2014

Pickle Log: Pickled baby swiss chard stems with lavender and dill seed  September 11

Pickling swiss chard

After a few weeks of patiently squirreling away the stems of the baby rainbow swiss chard from our CSA shares, we now have enough to make a small jar of refrigerator pickles. Of course we could have sautéed them with the tops, but I thought they could be interesting as pickles served with a green salad or chopped up into tuna salad, like we’ve done with pickled carrots. For a twist I flavored the batch with dill seed and lavender (purchased from Penzy’s). Can’t wait to try them in a few weeks.


Posted by Eric on September 11, 2014

Pickle Log: Unexpected pickled okra  September 7

Making pickled okra

While clearing weeds in the garden this morning I stumbled upon these five okra hidden behind some particularly overgrown marigolds. The okra plants themselves never grew much this year, and we’d stopped checking them a few weeks ago thinking they’d never put on any fruit. Lucky for us we found just enough to make a small jar of pickled okra today. (more…)

Posted by Eric on September 7, 2014