We’re Jammin  August 27


In the last couple of weeks we’ve been inundated with stone fruit from our CSA. While I seem to have the capacity to consume the fruit by the pound, Eric’s oral allergy syndrome doesn’t allow him to eat raw stone fruits. I had been thinking about making a fast batch of jam and our pile of older looking peaches, nectarines and apricots seemed like the opportunity to transform some of the bounty of our summer fruit share into a delicious treat for Eric. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on August 27, 2014

Pickle Log: Fermented Green Tomatoes  August 19

Making pickled green tomatoes

We found some lovely green tomatoes at the farmers market on Saturday and put together a small batch of fermented green tomatoes this morning. Unlike cucumber pickles, we only like to make a few pounds of green tomatoes at a time. They’re tart to begin with, and once they start to sour they’re pretty mouth-puckering – a small wedge goes a long way on a plate of mixed pickles. For more flavor, we included a good dose of our recently harvested dill in addition to the usual pickling spices, garlic and grape leaves. (more…)

Posted by Eric on August 19, 2014

Pickle Log: Fermenting the last of our garden’s cucumbers into kosher dill pickles  August 12


A few days ago, we picked the last of the cumbers from our garden and started to ferment this batch of kosher dill pickles. We lost our vines to cucumber beetles and so we’ve pulled them up and transplanted some of our late season cabbages into that bed. Like fermentation, gardening is a process where you keeping trying and learning and getting better – last year we got one cucumber, this year, we got several pounds, and next year, we’re aiming for even more. (more…)

Posted by Eric on August 12, 2014