Pickle Log: Fermented baby carrots with spring garlic  July 17

Baby Carrots

A few weeks ago, someone on Instagram asked us if we had ever fermented garlic on it’s own, and we got into a discussion about mixing a large amount of garlic into a small ferment. I suggested carrots or golden beets to sweeten and soften the flavor of the garlic without changing their color. Well, last weekend we picked up some spring garlic and baby carrots and we’re giving it a try. (more…)

Posted by Eric on July 17, 2014

Pickle Log: Homegrown cabbage kimchi two ways  July 8

 Michihili Chinese Cabbage in the garden

Ever since we began fermenting foods a few years ago, one of our aspirations has been to find a plot in a community garden and grow and ferment produce from scratch.

With our first harvest of the season, we’ve made kimchi from Chinese cabbage. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling process to turn tiny seeds into delicious, healthful, fermented food. This has certainly been one of the more rewarding ferments we’ve ever done.


Posted by Eric on July 8, 2014

Pickle Log: Lemon and rosemary sauerkraut  June 28

Mixing rosemary into sauerkraut

Since we started Kirby & Kraut, we’ve found the Instagram community to be a great source of inspiration for recipes and techniques. We love the immediacy of the images, the enthusiasm for making fermented foods at home, and the exchanges that take place in the comments. One sauerkraut combination that kept catching my eye called for rosemary and lemon. The pairing of flavors makes perfect sense and is one that I think could be work well with a shorter fermentation where the fresher green flavors of the cabbage would be delicious with salads. (more…)

Posted by Eric on June 28, 2014