Birthday pickle picnic with my Dad  June 25


My father turned 78 last week and to celebrate Eric and I drove to Ohio to spend the weekend with my parents.  My father, who’s insatiable appetite is coupled with a large dose curiosity, is a big fan of pickles, cocktails, and hot dogs. We decided a month before our scheduled departure that for his birthday we wanted to present him with a basket of ferments and pickles. This provided us with enough time to make several iterations of recipes to determine which ones we felt he would enjoy the most. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on June 25, 2014

Pickle Log: Hi-speed half sour pickles (now with radishes!)  June 10

Cucumbers and radishes in jars

Our birthday basket pickle sampler for Nicole’s dad includes a jar of our fermented kosher dill pickles, but I also wanted to throw in some half-sours for variety. In an attempt to get them to pickle quickly I tried two things I don’t usually do: pre-slice the cucumbers into spears and add some juice from the kosher dills as a “starter.” With one too few cucumbers to fill both jars, I had to press some French radishes into service as void-fill. I foresee pink pickles… (more…)

Posted by Eric on June 10, 2014

Pickle Log: Pickled birthday asparagus with tarragon and lemon  June 9

Putting together pickled asparagus

We’re heading to Ohio in a few days to visit Nicole’s parents, and we’re putting together a birthday basket sampler of pickled and fermented goodies for Nicole’s father. Today I made a small jar of pickles with this pretty purple asparagus from the Jackson Heights farmers market. We enjoyed the flavor of the lemon and tarragon in the previous batch, but this time I’m trying fresh tarragon, grinding the spices for faster infusion and adding bit more sugar. (more…)

Posted by Eric on June 9, 2014