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The Spice Must Flow: Penzeys Spices, Columbus, Ohio  January 13

Penzey's Interior

Penzeys Spices is an herb and spice store in Columbus, Ohio that we make a point to visit every time we’re in the area. The curious cylindrical structure showcases over 250 herbs, seasoning blends, extracts and spices from around the world: Tellicherry black pepper from India, Saffron threads from Kashmir, Sumac from Turkey, Ajwain seed from Pakistan, Tung Cinnamon from China. They also carry hard-to-find products like Blade Mace, and the most amazing double strength Vanilla extract.

Part of the joy of experiencing a Penzeys store is the sample jar on each self where you can smell the products for sale, feeding your curiosity or enhancing your understanding of a flavor profile. If you have any questions the staff is extraordinarily knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The prices are totally reasonable and the store is always well stocked. Eric picked up dozens of spices including dill seeds, juniper berries and caraway seeds for sauerkraut.

Penzey's shelf

Eric Pickling Spice

Ginger Spice


Eric looking at Spices

Basket of Spices

Posted by Nicole on January 13, 2014