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Pickle Log: Alaea sea salt sauerkraut  May 20

Making sauerkraut with Alaea sea salt

Last Christmas our friend Dan gave us a set of sea salts from Sur La Table and we’re finally getting around to trying one in a ferment – for today’s batch of sauerkraut it’s this curiously brick-colored Hawaiian Alaea salt, an unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with a red alae volcanic clay. I’m curious to see if the iron-oxide rich clay effects the flavor of plaint sauerkraut. 

Alaea sea salt sauerkraut  – 2/25/14

  • 2 Gallon crock
  • 11 lbs cabbage
  • 2% Alaea sea salt by weight

Coring cabbages for sauerkraut

All I could find were small cabbages, leading to a lot of coring.

Chopping cabbage for sauerkraut

The last batch of sauerkraut (with ground dill seed) was a little coarser, so I wanted a finer batch this time and did most of the shredding on the mandoline (1.5 turns of the adjustment screws), then finishing the bits with the knife.

Weighing Alaea sea salt for sauerkraut

Weighing the salt, 20 g to each 1000 g of cabbage.

A close call!

With cabbage flying everywhere, it was a close call for my cup of tea on the counter.

Alaea sea salt on shredded cabbage in a crock

Mixing the salt into the cabbage.

Alaea sea salt on shredded cabbage in a crock

A close up of the salt. It has a unique texture, almost smooth and pebble like.

Alaea sea salt making sauerkraut with pink brine

The salt made the brine instantly pink! I’m not sure how much might precipitate to the bottom of the crock, since I think the red-brown clay is separate from the salt itself.


Posted by Eric on May 20, 2014