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Pickle Log: Fermented pickles with horseradish and coriander  May 13

Fermenting pickles in a crock

In our last batch of pickles I added a tiny proportion (1%) of vinegar to the salt brine. The pickles turned out great, so I’m trying it again, this time with fresh dill, horseradish and coriander.

As far as I could tell, the addition of the vinegar didn’t adversely effect the fermentation; the brine got cloudy and progressively sour at what seemed like a normal rate given the time and temperature. I added a drop more vinegar this time, taking it up to 1.5%.

I wasn’t planning on making pickles today, but I ran to the supermarket this morning for something for lunch, and there in the produce aisle was a crate of kirbys getting packed into the shelf. Finding fresh cucumbers (which are really the key to crunchy pickles) can be hard in our supermarket – I’m always digging around in the back of the display trying to find the freshest ones, so getting to pick them right out of the crate was a real treat.

Fermented pickles with horseradish and coriander, 5/13/2015

  • Two gallon fermentation crock
  • Crock weight
  • 5½ lbs Pickling cucumbers
  • 2 tbsp Pickling spice
  • 2 tbsp Whole coriander
  • 2 tbsp Grated horseradish
  • 20 sprigs fresh dill, about 35 g
  • 3 L 5% brine
  • 45 mL Apple cider vinegar (1.5%)

Pulsed the coriander (just once) in the spice grinder to open them up. Wrapped the dill fronds, grated horseradish, coriander and pickling spice into cheesecloth and set aside. Washed the cucumbers under running water and scraped the blossom ends off with a paring knife. Placed the crock on it’s side and packed in the cucumbers, vine ends up, into the crock. Around half-way through, added the cheese cloth bundle of spices and continued packing the crock. Placed the weight on top of the cucumbers, added the 3L of brine which covered the weight by about one inch.

Pickles packed into a crock

The cucumbers and spice bundle, packed into the crock. There were so many long vines left on these ‘cukes – which, in addition to looking cool, can make for very useful handles when pulling pickles out of a jar.


Posted by Eric on May 13, 2015