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Pickle Log: Sauerkraut with ground dill seed  April 10

Cabbages, spices and crock for making sauerkraut

We’re both fans of spiced sauerkraut, but sometimes our teeth don’t always appreciate the added texture that whole spices can bring to the kraut, so in this batch I’m experimenting with grinding the dill seed before mixing it in with the cabbage. I used ground dill seed (with bay leaves) in a recent batch of vinegar-pickled carrots and the flavors infused much quicker than with whole spices.

Sauerkraut with ground dill seed

Slicing cabbage for sauerkraut

While I usually use my mandoline to make sauerkraut, I shredded this batch with my knife. I’ve been enjoying a little sauerkraut with my salads at lunch and I thought a larger cut might be nice for that kind of side salad.

Cabbage with ground dill seed in a crock

I mixed in a portion of the ground dill seed with each kilo of shredded cabbage as it was salted.

Weights in a crock

Because it’s a coarser shred on the cabbage, I piled three (!) weights into the crock for close to 12 lb of brine squeezing pressure.


Posted by Eric on April 10, 2014