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Ornamental cabbage and kale centerpieces  November 25

ornament cabbage centerpiece

(photo via: Vintage American Home)

Ornamental cabbage and kale (also known as “flowering” cabbage and kale) are in the same species (Brassica oleracea) as edible cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.  While ornamental cabbage and kale are edible, they tend to have a bitter flavor and are often used in a culinary setting as garnishes.  Ornamental cabbage and kale are prized primarily as colorful additions to home gardens where they are grown for their large rosettes of white, pink, purple or red leaves. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on November 25, 2013

Alaska, the Outermost Frontier: Matanuska Cabbages meets my Mother’s insatiable curiosity  November 22

Matanuska Valley Dwarf Cabbage: TIME Life '"The Foods of the World"

The TIME Life series of books Foods of the World is a spectacular compilation of food writing and photography that was published in the early 70’s. The series has 27 cookbooks that combine recipes with food-themed travelogues that demystify and provide cultural context for foods from around the world. Each volume comes in two parts– a photo-based hard cover book and an accompanying spiral-bound booklet with recipes. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on November 22, 2013