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Pickle Log: Lemon and rosemary sauerkraut (II)  November 4

Making Lemon Rosemary Sauerkraut

This was our second time making lemon rosemary sauerkraut. The first batch worked out so well, we stuck with our original recipe. Our favorite discovery about this flavored sauerkraut is that it makes the best sauerkraut ceaser salad dressing – just mix with a little sour cream and mayonnaise then puree with an immersion blender – it’s phenomenal with hearty salad greens like kale or spinach.


Posted by Eric on November 4, 2014

The legend of the Weihnachtsgurke  December 19


When I was a child carrying the boxes of ornaments up from the basement (which ranged from vintage paper boxes to red and green Tupperware cases) always induced a flurry of excited conversation over decorating strategies – where should we place the tree, which tree skirt should we use, how best to wrap the lights around the tree (top down vs. bottom up), where to set up my mother’s antique miniature winter village complete with faux skating rink, and what music to set the decorating mood. (more…)

Posted by Nicole on December 19, 2013