The key when buying cabbages for sauerkraut is to look for firm heads that feel heavy for their size.


Cucumbers, pickling

The freshness of the cucumbers has a tremendous effect of the crunchiness of the pickles. When selecting from a supermarket, choose smaller cucumbers in the 3-5 inch range with firm skins. (more…)

Pickling Spice

A blend of dried herbs and spices added to pickles. You can purchase it pre-made, or make your own using the following recipe. (more…)


The salt used for fermentation must be non-iodized and free of caking agents, either of which can inhibit the growth of the microorganisms needed for fermentation. Past that, any salt will do. (more…)


It’s essential to use clean, pure water for fermentation. We use spring water for all our brines.┬áMost municipal tap water is treated with either chlorine or chloramine, either of which will kill the microorganisms needed for fermentation.