Sour Pickles

Brined sour pickles can be as challenging as they are rewarding. The best pickles are made from fresh cucumbers, but truly fresh cucumbers can be hard to find. Farmer's markets are your best bet, but we've made good pickles with Kirbys from our local supermarket; the key is finding great looking cucumbers and freshening them up with an overnight cold-water soak. After that, it's a mostly a matter of checking in on the crock every day and making sure the pickles are submerged beneath clean brine. A bad batch can happen, but when when they're good, the complex flavor of a home-made sour pickle is incomparable.

Ingredients makes 3 quarts

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  • 4 lbs of cucumbers are the most that fit comfortably in a two gallon crock in a gallon of brine, but you can certainly make less. Because the pickles need to remain below the brine, it's best to make a gallon of brine.

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