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Vintage Ohio pickling recipes  January 20

Kosher Dill

When we heard that our friend Kurt was scanning a stack of his Grandmother’s recipe cards that he’d discovered on a recent trip to Ohio, we couldn’t wait to see them – especially the pickling recipes.

The cards themselves are beautiful heirlooms, carefully preserved, charmingly smudged and gently worn. You can picture them coming out of their box on the kitchen counter, year after year. The recipes are interesting if a bit outdated; the sweet pickles have enough sugar to qualify as confections, and several call for alum or lime, both of which were often used to keep pickles crisp, but neither of which are recommended in more current recipes. For those interested in crispy pickling through chemistry, Ball now makes Pickle Crisp (aka calcium chloride) to firm your pectins. For our part, we’re staying focused on learning how to make the crispiest pickles by using the freshest cucumbers we can get our hands on.

The real winner for us is the Moist Sauerkraut Cake. I can only assume the minced sauerkraut would add moisture like applesauce, while also lowering the pH to boost the leavening like sour cream. And it’s chocolate to boot! Lucky for us, Kurt’s birthday is just a few months away…

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Posted by Eric on January 20, 2015